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Fairy Tale Comes true!
« on: June 16, 2014, 06:00:31 am »
This is a truly a success story for me. I "rarely" ever win anything, but I entered the Akvis 10th Anniversary Raffle contest & submitted my personal "Best User Experience" story…. I was Amazed to hear I was the winner of the Akvis Alchemy Home Deluxe Bundle for my story!!!!! ;D

What does the Russian Fairy Tale got to do with it?……well, I once asked in a post what the Akvis name stood for? For those that may not have read the post… it's how this Magical Horse from a Russian Fairy Tale (if reading back-to-front)…sivka (Akvis)…. Sivka Burka was able to make his owner's dreams come true.

Well, I don't own a horse except for the Horse Logo of the Akvis programs I own, but I also wanted to "Believe" one day my dream would come true…. and with Akvis or the possibility that maybe Fairy Tales do come true… it has!!!! ;)

My personal side of my story in brief was that… when I want to get away from all the distractions and daily mundanity of the day, I go to my Akvis programs.  All I have to do is open an image with one of my Akvis programs and I get totally entranced in my Akvis Creative Zone. Nothing else exist's, I'm in that particular place that makes me most creative, content & happy. 

I'm sure as artist we all enter into that creative zone when we want to be creative. Well, with my Akvis programs I can enter that zone where I can truly escape into…. my creative imagination! Their programs allow me the ability to be more creative, using my imagination, while enjoying the pleasure & contentment of expressing my talents, energy & emotions in the involvement of the creative process using their programs.

The whole Akvis Team is awesome.. they are top-notch professionals who know their business & provide truly high quality products. And their support team is the greatest…always prompt & helpful. The Forum site brings together both designers and creatives from around the world, allowing fellow artist to share their artwork & experience, there are intriguing contest's that will arouse your curiosity, imagination & explore your creativity in new ways using their products, they also have wonderful raffles and deals.

My advise to anyone is, if you have one or multiple design-related projects for which you want to increase your creativity, Akvis is where you should go. With their programs they have provided me with taking my creativity to the next level while enjoying a very pleasurable experience.

….remember, if it's whether you "Believe" in yourself, your dreams, Fairy Tales (sivka burka)…or  Akvis… your Dreams Can Come True!!! 8)

Thank you Akvis Team & Happy 10th Anniversary :)……. Awesome!!!!

… "I can't wait to get this bundle of programs and eagerly explore the New Akvis World of creativity that has been opened to me.""

 remember to Believe…

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