Author Topic: New feature: the ability to 'capture' an exact moment of the 'preview process'  (Read 6709 times)

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I would like to have the ability to capture a moment in time of when the process to produce a preview when processing a sketch.
Often, after having make a change in the settings and clicking to have a preview of the new settings, I like the image at certain point before it produces the final image from the settings. 

A feature that allow us to 'capture' that moment as the final preview, will be a great addition to the existing features of Sketch.

Hopefully I am explaining myself clearly.

Rocío Lopez-Bretzlaff

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Thank you for your sharing your opinion! :)

This great feature already exists - it's called the Timeline feature (Step 8: It creates the stepwise shots during image processing (from start to finish). You can choose any or all of them and save as a result.

Please note that this feature is available only for the advanced types of the licenses (Deluxe, Business).
AKVIS team

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One more tutorial: Stop the Moment!

Users with a regular (Home) license can interrupt image processing using the Stop button right to the progress bar.
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Interesting. I want this feature in Artwork. :)